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"Staff have a lot of compassion, timely and care about the person, the schedule and the day. They made me feel like a priority. They made my journey very easy."

~ Kathy G.

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"I had the opportunity to work with the staff and Dr. Magnuson who treated my wife for breast cancer. I have the highest respect for all the staff at Anchorage Radiation Oncology. You are treated with the utmost kindness and given all the options for your treatment. My wife was treated for 6 1/2 weeks by Dr. Magnuson and his wonderful staff. I truly believe the treatments may have saved her life.

It was shortly after her treatment that I found out that my prostate cancer may have come back. I was sent to Dr. Magnuson for potential radiation treatment for prostate recurrence. Dr. Magnuson and his staff were very aggressive and ordered some tests and found out that my prostate cancer did not come back.

He found I had a tumor on my kidney and referred me back to my urologist for treatment. He also treated a node with 5 treatments of radiation. I believe that Dr. Magnuson and his staff may have saved my life by being as thorough as they were.

If you need radiation treatment, I would highly recommend that you see Dr. Magnuson and his staff, you will not be disappointed."

~ Tim F.

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"I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer in October of 2021. After 6 months of chemotherapy and then surgery, I had 6 1/2 weeks of daily radiation treatments. The entire staff was amazing. I would highly recommend Dr. William Magnuson and AROC. They have the best and most up to date radiation treatments available."

~ Mickey Foster

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"Staff was always considerate, passionate, kind and caring. They made you feel comfortable the minute you walked in. If you are in need of radiation, please consider seeing Dr. Daughtery and his team."

~ Ruby F.

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"At Anchorage Radiation Oncology the team provided me with ALL of the information I needed to know and they even provided answers to questions I didn't yet know I needed to ask. I never once felt like they were in a rush to move on to the next patient and EVERYONE I encountered was so kind, friendly, caring, helpful and thoughtful. At my last treatment I wanted to hug all of them for the wonderful care they provided to me."

~ Sue Perrins -- via Google

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"I was so grateful for the professional and compassionate care I received from everyone during my 3 weeks of treatment. They went out of their way to make me as comfortable as possible. Thank you!"

~ Karen Gordon -- via Google

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"Dr. Daugherty was amazing. I was blindsided with my diagnosis of kidney cancer after my final set of tests right before gallbladder removal surgery and my surgeon recommended the Anchorage Radiation Oncology Center, and I'm so glad he did. Everything moved pretty fast after that, but the fine folks that work there were compassionate and really took the time to make sure I understood what was happening. The doctors visits were always punctual and informative, and the Radiation Team were amazing! They could tell it was a difficult time for me and they were always upbeat and so helpful. I'm forever grateful to this office who made what was a bad experience the best it could be. Thank you."

~ Jen Richardson -- via Google

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"The Alaska Cancer Treatment Center may have changed its name to the Anchorage Radiation Oncology Center but this group of dedicated professionals remain my choice for continuing oncological health care. Dr. Daugherty and his staff are superb and truly focused on patient care."

~ Michael Helton -- via Google

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"From start to finish, the team at Anchorage Radiation Oncology Center was caring, helpful, and encouraging. Little details like hand-picked goody bags and waiting room snacks made this experience personal and heartfelt."

~ Hilary S. - Anchorage, AK -- via Facebook

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"I am very happy, very pleased and couldn't have asked for better care. Dr. Daugherty and his team always greeted me with a smile and were kind and compassionate."

~ Joyce V - Anchorage, AK -- via Facebook

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"I've had absolutely no personal experience with cancer or radiation treatments before this summer and was scared when I found myself in this situation. Dr. Magnuson and his professional staff cared for me like I was one of the family. They kindly led me through the steps, encouraging me, educating me, and celebrating with me when I successfully completed the treatments. I strongly recommend the Anchorage Radiation Oncology Center to anyone who needs radiation treatments."

~ Denise Y. , Anchorage, AK -- via Facebook

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"The AROC team gives each patient 120% effort, treats them like family, and shows that they genuinely care about your health. Cancer is not easy; I know because I have been on the journey, twice in my life. The care I received from the team at Anchorage Radiation Oncology Center surpassed my expectations and exceeded previous experiences in the areas of treatment and support."

~ Nikki L. - Anchorage, AK -- via Facebook

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"Thank you Dr. Magnuson and Anchorage Radiation Oncology Center for all you did to keep me healthy and get me back to my active lifestyle!! You're the best!"

~ Andrea E. - Anchorage, AK -- via Facebook

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"I had the most amazing experience with Dr. Daugherty and his staff. From the time I walked in the door, I was treated with the utmost professionalism and kindness. After completion of treatment, I had the most beautiful send off. The gorgeous office décor reflects the warm and inviting character of all the staff. Dr. Daugherty is the best, and you can tell he cares about his patients. This was the best medical experience I have ever had!"

~ Barbara W. - Anchorage, AK -- via Facebook

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